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So What Is It You Do, Exactly?

Someone asked me that recently. Well, officer, one thing led to another.
Short recap:

  • Loved horses and other animals since I was little, started riding at the age of 5.
  • Rode at low levels and not very well, groomed horses competing at national level here (here = Finland) in dressage, show jumping and eventing as a teenager
  • Became interested in photography and worked as a freelance photographer, doing mainly books
  • Happened to see renown Finnish animal trainer Tuire Kaimio work and became interested in animal training
  • Got to work with different animals in movies and TV as her assistant and then by myself
  • Learned a lot about how to train animals, became one of the first to gain the then new professional animal training degree in Finland
  • Have trained horses, dogs, cats and also some chickens and cows
  • I still write articles for various equestrian magazines, photograph people and animals but mainly I work with horses and horse owners
  • I give lectures on horse behaviour and training, travel around the country and also have both animal training students and ordinary horse owners and riders come here to practise horse training in practise
  • I use science based training methods and a combination of reward based training and properly applied pressure and release techniques
  • I try to keep myself as up to date as possible on horse behaviour and training and also work to make horse keeping more species appropriate (ie. making sure the grazing animal can move and eat at near the levels it would in nature)
  • I aim to make things easy both for the horse and handler and to make the horse think that difficult things are fun

A few video clips to illustrate what I do. Teach horses to stand still and enjoy being injected by the vet:

Teach horses to come when called even though they’ve escaped:

Worked on some TV and movie sets with horses, trained the horses for this commercial:

Teach horses to load into the trailer:

If you want to contact me, send me an email at and if that doesn’t work – Gmail is notorious for putting your emails in the spam folder – try Facebook at


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